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Black Friday Deals Can’t Beat the Library’s Prices!!! Always Free !!! Come check out the new book series!


Book Club Kits for Juveniles, Young Adults and Adults Available Now!!!

Jordanville Public Library now has over 100 Book Club Kits for Juveniles, Young Adults and Adults. These are available to ANYONE with a Mid-York Library Card. Great for teachers, home school groups, civic groups and book clubs! Each kit contains multiple copies of the title, general discussion questions and a sign-out sheet. Check out the list of titles by downloading the file below or pick up a copy of the list when visiting the library. Search the catalog at by typing “Book Club Kit” into the search box. It will display several pages of kits with their descriptions. You can then place a hold on any kit from the website and we will call you when it is ready for pick-up.

List of kits. Author’s last name, first name – “Title” #of copies, Age category ( J=Juvenile, YA= Young Adult, A= Adult).

Armstrong, Jennifer- “Becoming Mary Mehan “18 J, Avi,- “Nothing But The Truth” 12 J ,Avi- “ Don’t You Know There’s A War On?” 11 J, Barrow, Randi- ” Finding Zasha” 5 J, Beatty, Patricia- ” Charley Skedaddle” 18 J, Blume, Judy- “ Deenie” 6 J ,Bond, Nancy- ” A String in The Harp” 7 J ,Bosse, Malcom- “ Tusk and Stone” 12 J ,Brooks, Bruce- ” The Moves Make The Man” 4 YA ,Burns, Olive- ” Ann Cold Sassy Tree” 18 YA ,Carroll, Lewis – “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through The Looking Glass” 17 J ,Collier, Collier- ” My Brother Same is Dead” 8 J,Cormier, Robert – “I Am The Cheese” 25 J, Craven, Margaret- “I Heard The Owl Call My Name” 7 J, Creech, Sharon- ” Walk Two Moons” 42 J, Crutcher, Chris -“The Crazy Horse Electric Game” 10 YA, Cushman, Karen -“Matilda Bone” 6 J, Cushman ,Karen- “ Catherine; Called Birdy” 5 J, D’Adamo, Francesco- ” IQBAL’ 5 J, DeFelice, Cynthia -“Lostman’s River” 11 J, Dickens, Charles-” A Tale of Two Cities” 20 J, Egan, Joseph –“Lost on a Mountain in Maine” 19 J, Fletcher, Susan –“Shadow Spinner” 10 J, Frank, Anne -“Diary of a Young Girl” 10 J, Bio Funke, Cornelia -“Inkheart” 7 J, Greenburg, Dan -“Claws” 5 J, Gregory, Kristina -“The Legend of Jimmy Spoon” 23 J, Hahn, Mary -“Downing Stepping On The Cracks” 6 J, Hamilton ,Virginia-” M.C.Higgins The Great” 5 J, Hersey, John –“Hiroshimo” 5 YA, Hesse, Karen -“Phoenix Rising” 5 J, Hobbs, Will -“Far North” 8 J, Hobbs, Will -“Beardance” 28 J, Holm, Jennifer -“Boston Jane” 6 J, Hoobler, Dorothy -“The Ghost in The Tokaido Inn” 6 J, Houston, James -“Frozen Fire” 6 YA, Hunt. Irene -“Across Five Aprils” 29 J, Ironside, Virginia -“No I Don’t Want to Join a Book Club” 6 A, Jacobs, Kate -“The Friday Night Knitting Club” 10 A, Jonason, Jonas –“The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window and Disappeared” 6 A, Karr, Kathleen “-Skullduggery” 5 YA, Keller, Helen -“The Story Of My Life” 7 J Bio, Klass, David -“Danger Zone” 5 J, Koss, Amy Goldman -“The Girls” 15 J, Lasky, Kathryn -“The Night Journney” 9 J, L’Engle, Madeleine -“Meet The Austins” 10 YA, Lester, Julius -“Day of Tear”s 4 YA, Lipsyte, Robert -“The Brave” 13 YA, London, Jack -“The Call of the Wild & White Fang” 8 YA ,London ,Jack -“The Call of the Wild”  2 YA, Luhn, Janet -“The Root Cellar”  12 J , Lynch, Chris –“Iceman” 19 YA, Lynch, Chris -“Shadow Boxer‘ 20 YA, Maalouf, Amin -“Leo Africanus” 12 A, MacLachlan, Patricia -“Baby” 11 J, McKinley, Robin -“Beauty” 6 J ,McKissack, Patricia-“ Sojourner Truth; Ain’t I A Woman” 18 J Bio, McKissak, Patricia -“Black Diamond” 4 J, Non-Fic, Meyers, Walter Dean -“The Greatest: Muhammad Ali” 4 J ,Napoli, Donna Jo –“Bound” 5 YA ,Nixon Joan Lowry –“Murdered My Sweet” 9 YA ,North, Sterling- ” Rascal” 13 J ,Park, Barbara -“The Graduation of Jake Moon” 6 J, Park”, Linda Sue -A Single Shard 4 J ,Parks, Rosa w/Jim Haskin -“Rosa Parks: My Story” 23 J, Paterson, Katherine -“The Master Puppeteer” 11 J, Paterson, Katherine -“Jacob, I  Have Loved” 22 YA, Paterson, Katherine –“JIP: His Story” 6 J, Paulson, Gary -“The Transall Saga” 13 YA, Paulson, Gary  -“Canyons” 26 YA, Paulson, Gary “Brian’s Hunt” 13 J, Paulson, Gary “Tracker” 12 J ,Paulson, Gary -“Brian’s Winter” 19 J ,Paulson, Gary -“Brian’s Return” 3 J ,Paulson, Gary -“Woodsong” 12 YA ,Paulson, Gary “Dogsong” 20 YA ,Paulson, Gary -“The River” 13 J, Peck, Richard -“Here Lies The Librarian” 9 J, Peck, Richard -“A Long Way From Chicago” 10 J, Peck, Richard “The Teacher’s Funeral “4 J, Peck, Robert Newton -“A Day No Pigs Would Die” 30 YA, Pullman, Philip -“The Golden Compass” 9 YA, Rawls, Wilson -“Summer of the Monkeys” 7 J, Reiss, Johanna -“The Upstairs Room” 10 J, Remaroue, Erich Maria -“All Quiet On The Western Front” 19 YA, Richardson, Kim Michelle -“The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek” 6 A, Rodman, Philbrick “The Young Man And The Sea” 14 J, Roos, Celia -“Pirates: The True and Remarkable stories of Minerva Sharpe and Nancy Kington, female pirates” 6 YA, Salisbury, Graham -“Under the Blood Red Sun” 11 YA ,Sewel,l Anna -“Black Beauty” 4 J, Shaw, George Bernard-“ Arms and the Man” 63 YA, Shaw, George Be-rnard “Arms and the Man” (new version ) 24 YA, Shaw, George Bernard –“Pygmalion” 16 YA ,Sijie, Dai -“Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress” 7 YA, Spinelli, Jerry -“Maniac Magee” 15 J, Spinelli, Jerry -“There’s A Girl In My Hammerlock” 35 J, Steinbeck, John -“The Red Pony” 5 YA ,Steinbeck, Jon “-The Moon is Down”15 A, Taylor, Theodore “-The Cay” 25 J ,Taylor, Theodore “-Ice Drift” 8 J, Temple, Frances “The Ramsay Scallop” 10 YA, Theodore, Rob -“Rats Saw God” 12 YA, Twain, Mark -“A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthor’s Court” 13 A, Twain, Mark –“The Prince and The Pauper” 10 YA, Twain, Mark -“The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” 15 J, Verne, Jules -“20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” 3 YA, Walker ,Boo -“Red Mountain” 6 A, Wells, Ken -“Meely La Bauve” 11 YA, Whelan, Gloria “-Homeless Bird” 12 J, White ,Ruth -“Belle Prater’s Boy” 16 J, Winter, Cat -“In The Shadow of Blackbirds” 5 YA ,Wolff, Virginia –“BAT 6” 16 J, Woodson, Jaqueline –“Hush” 5 J, Yates, Elizabeth -“Amos Fortune Free Man” 7 J

Home schooling families are encouraged to take advantage of the library’s resources and networking with other families on Tuesday mornings 10:00 to 12:00.


Story Time Kits – For those of you who are homeschooling young children we have the following kits: “Friends”, “Peanut Butter & Jelly”, “Barnyard Song”, “Mrs. Honey’s Hat”,” Corduroy”, “The Napping House”, “Quick as a Cricket”, ” It Looked Like Spilled Milk”, “Wolves”, “Wales” and “Here are My Hands”.

For Educators – We have a multipart STEM Kit from 4-H called “Mars Base Camp’. It contains an Educators guide, student guides,, lunar rover kits and various activity cards.

Finding your next great read is now easier than ever at Jordanville Public Library

Have you ever finished a great book and wanted to find more just like it?

The Mid-York Library System now offers NoveList Plus. A helpful resource for readers to find the books that are right for them.

Just Click on the links below to explore this resource.,cpid&custid=s6573158&groupid=main&profile=novpk8,cpid&custid=s6573158&groupid=main&profile=novplus

The NoveList Plus database connects readers to their next book by making recommendations for what to read next. One of the most popular elements is read-alikes. This feature suggests titles that are “just like’ other titles. There are also read-alike-s for authors and series. Novelist Plus covers both fiction and nonfiction titles for all ages from the youngest readers to adults. It also has extra content like reviews (both professional reviews and reader reviews), book discussion guides, curriculum guides, and other book-oriented articles. Book groups and teachers find these resources especially helpful.

When searching for an item in Novelist it will now show you if the title is available in the Mid York catalog. This will also show different formats the title is available in. You can then click the orange Go to Catalog button to be taken to the Mid York catalog record. A screenshot is below to show what this looks like.


Telemedicine Assistance Available

Jordanville Public Library can now help you with your Telemedicine Appointments in several ways. !. Our WiFi is turned on and available 24/7 and you can connect from your vehicle in the parking lot. 2. We have internet Hotspots available for loan and if needed a Chromebook can also be borrowed. 3. Our computers are in a separate room which can be reserved for your appointment to be held here in the library.

The next meeting of the Board of Trustees is , December 6, 2022 at 6:30 PM.

If you need to be placed on the agenda for the next meeting, please leave a phone message at 315-858-2874 or send an email to at least five days prior to the meeting.

All Board of Trustees meeting are opened to the public. Meeting documents are available for viewing by clicking on the “Trustees” tab at the top of this page.

Come hear the reports and management discussions. Share you opinions. Have a voice!

Hotspots and Chromebooks are available for loan. Contact the library for more details.

Community Groups May Use Our New Meeting Room! Please Call The Library For Details!

We welcome program suggestions. Please contact the library with your ideas.

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