Book Clubs

Want to enhance your reading experience? Try joining a book club! Each month the group chooses a title that each member reads. At the end of the month the group gets together to discuss the story.

Patrons of any age can form a book club. The Jordanville Public Library will help you obtain book titles and organize meetings. The group may choose to use the library’s meeting room, meet by virtual connection or choose a combination of in person meeting and virtual attendance.

Currently the library is assembling “Book Club Kits” which contain multiple copies of books along with discussion questions and attendance records. We have assembled five kits for adults so far and having just received a large donation will be assembling kits for Juveniles and Young Adults with over 90+ titles to choose from. These will be available to book clubs, teachers, homeschoolers, civic and religious organizations and anyone who wishes to have some companionship in reading.

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