Day by Day

DaybyDayNY is a website for young children and their families. It is part of the New York State Library early literacy initiative Ready to Read at New York Libraries.

Libraries are essential to Family Literacy. In New York State, libraries bridge the gap for those who may not have access to resources for a variety of reasons. Libraries educate the whole family by providing computer and internet access, materials such as books and music, access to health information, and interaction with staff that are skilled in programming to engage young children to learn.

The New York State Library hopes that families across New York State will use this interactive calendar to develop a love for books and learning that will last a lifetime. The calendar uses multimedia to enhance books, songs, and family health and bring these components to life.  If families can only spend a few minutes together, this calendar will give them something they can use to make sure that this is quality time as well as educational time.

To reach families with young children throughout New York State, giving them something they can do together to foster skills, especially kindergarten readiness skills. To remind families of the importance of reading and developing pre-reading skills in the youngest family members. To provide important health and wellness information as well as information about exciting , educational activities for young families o place a special emphasis on reaching all New York State residents by providing an accessible website. To encourage families to visit their local public library for exposure to more books and developmentally appropriate activities.


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