How to Place a Hold


The Mid-York website is  You can access that website by clicking on the “ILL Catalog” icon (the stack of books) on the home page.  Once you access  that website, you can browse all the books in all the libraries in the Mid-York system.  When you enter the website you will want to log in.  Click the log in button at the top.  You will be asked to enter your library card number (without the A) and your pin number so have both of those handy. 

The search bar at the top is where you enter the title of the book, author, or topic you are looking for.  Be sure the “All fields” choice is compatible with what you are searching for.  For example, if you are looking for a book, you will type in the title of the book in the search bar, then be sure “all fields” indicates “title” only.  Now click the “search” button and a page will be displayed with the results of your search.  If you searched for a book, numerous editions will be available as well at the book on cd, if that is available as an option.  To the right of your choices you will see “place hold” buttons for each selection.  Once you’ve chosen which edition of the book you would like, click the “place hold” button that corresponds with your choice.

At this point, a screen will pop up that gives you the option of which library you would like to pick up your hold.  If you have a Jordanville Library card, the Jordanville Library will be the default option.  Use the drop down box if you would like to choose a different library.  Once you’ve chosen the library you’re almost done!  Now just click the “place hold(s)” button again.   The computer will take a moment to process your request, then a screen will pop up that says your action was a “success.”  To finish simply click the “OK” button and you’re all set.  You are now ready to browse for more books and place another hold, or exit from the website. 

If you would like additional instruction on “placing a hold,” just come on in to the library and our staff will be happy to walk you through the steps in person.

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